Chain widths

Several types of zips for all sewing crafts. The ordered length is shipped in one piece. Fast delivery. Various colours available to match fabrics and leather.

Zipper color

Choice of sliders

Different models for all zips. Select the number of sliders according to the number of zips you want.

For all applications: reversible slider, double pull, reinforced, reversed, fluorescent, fancy.

Two can be inserted face to face on the same zip for bags and covers.

Sliders for continuous zip by meter
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Custom-Zip offers a wide range of zips to the textile industry and crafts. These zip fasteners are a step above the products dedicated to creative hobbies, with reinforced sliders and wider teeth for greater zip reliability. For a reliable, long-lasting opening, use top quality meteirel in your work. The result of all your work will benefit!

Advantages of continuous zip sold by the metre

Create custom-length fasteners: 27.4cm, 1m40, 10m32... The zips are not sold in predefined measurements (12, 15, 18, 20, 25cm...). You decide the length depending on your project's needs!

If you want a large 3m50 fastener, buy one slider and 4 metres of zip, cut off the remaining 50cm with scissors and insert the slider! Only takes 30 seconds to fit!

The zips are cheaper per unit. 1 metre + 5 sliders = 5 zips. Reduce your costs when producing small or medium lots, when buying a batch of zips or when buying one long zip fastener.

Sewing tips

On many commercial textile items, you may notice that the zips do not have top or bottom stops. Finishes and stops are made with the seam and the fabric in which the zip is embedded:

That's continuous zip !

Sewing zipper pocket