Sliders for continuous zips

For spiral zipper, moulded, and waterproof.

zipper slider

Standard sliders

To activate the opening of your zippers. Choose the size, colour and amount of sliders needed. Several colours or silver finish available.

slider for tent and awning

Double pull-tab sliders

The zip can be opened from the inside or outside. For tents, sleeping bags, campervan awnings, hunting hides, boat cockpits, etc. One pull-tab on each side of the slider.

invisible zipper slider

Reverse sliders

The pull tab is on the reverse side of the slider. The zip is to be sewn on the back/inside of the materiel. This allows you to conceal the spiral chain (creating an invisible zip). The zip blends into the material, visually and to the touch.
For aesthetic and comfort purposes.

zipper with padlock

Padlock sliders

Secure the access to personal belongings, identity documents and other objects. Protect your belongings from curious or interested people! Prevent your luggage from being opened by passing the shackle of a padlock through the two sliders in order to link them together.