Silver top stop ♦ Moulded zip 9mm


• Stainless brass.
• Crimping force: 1/4 turn in a bench vice.

Allows you to stop the cursor movement at a given point on the continuous zip.

Top stop (x4) • Silver • for moulded zip 6mm (n°5)

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► Universal top stop for plastic chain zip 6mm, used for finishing a zip.

► Remove two teeth from each zip tape with a wire cutter, place the concave part of the bottom stop in place of the teeth. Use a vice to close both sides simultaneously.

The stop is fixed onto the zip tapes and the slider will not come off the end of the zip.


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Eclair Prym

• Brand: Eclair Prym®
• Certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100
• Material: Nickelled metal
• Non-magnetic
• Machine washable

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